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Deforest Assisted Living Facility Reports TikTok Isn’t Just for Teens

TikTok isn’t just for your teen anymore. The platform takes all ages by storm, and seniors are no different. Our assisted living facility in Deforest has been browsing the social media platform, and many people are sharing recipes, gardening tips, and even exercise routines. There is also plenty of content to make your loved one giggle and can be an instant mood booster.

There are millions of accounts to search through, and the best way to find your senior’s particular interest is to go through TikTok’s “Discover” page to follow your particular interests. In the meantime, if you are new to TikTok, our Deforest assisted living facility recommends these four seniors who have been racking up the views!


This account was started by a “mama” and her grandson. It was a way for them to spend time together at the pandemic’s beginning. They entertain 1.2 million followers as they dance in the kitchen, making silly videos and showing off their travels. They spread love and positivity to the world while spending quality time together.

2.  @grandmagreat

Looking to smile today? Look no further than Grandma Great; she fills her account with silly jokes, advice, and heartwarming stories. She lets viewers know that it is okay to have a hard day. If you live at a Deforest assisted living community, we know that sometimes you have hard days. She reminds them to have faith, be grateful and patient, and keep working on their goals. Her husband often makes cameos to lighten the mood.

Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

3. @erikarischko

Do you want to get fit? Erika Rischko has you covered. This 82-year-old uses Tik Tok to show off her impressive fitness routine. Much like our Deforest assisted living facility helps you find inspiration, Erika does the same. She motivates her followers through squats, crunches, and planks. She also teams up with her husband and does adorable dance routines. She is always smiling, and no matter what your age is fabulous to watch.


Are you a gardening grandma? This grandma grows everything from squash to tomatoes and makes it fun. She teaches you the difference between a summer and winter garden and gives lots of tutorials. From pickling to homemade bread, she is quite the gardener and baker. She even takes her produce and homemade salsa to the local farmer’s market. If you have a green thumb, this blog is for you.

Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

At Park Vista–The Legacy of DeForest, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of provided amenities when you tour the grounds at our senior retirement community in Deforest. One thing is always a guarantee; you will experience a caring and nurturing environment that will make you feel like an essential part of our Deforest community.  All our campuses are pet friendly and offer a wide range of beauty salons and barber services to ease your stress. There is even a happy hour at almost every location!

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