Assisted Living Facility in Clinton

Feeling Less Lonely While Living at an Assisted Living Facility in Clinton

Studies indicate that being lonely can be horrible for seniors. In fact, being socially connected can help improve your mental health. That’s why being involved at a Clinton assisted living facility is essential. It may even keep you from getting sick! That’s right, being less lonely can help you live longer. However, sometimes being social is easier said than done, isn’t it?

At our assisted living facility in Clinton, if you have just moved into this new space, you may not have established too many connections yet. It is easy to get busy and lose touch with family and friends; It is even more complicated when moving away from people you have always known. Our Clinton assisted living facility wants you to tackle loneliness with these tips.

Maintain and Strengthen Your Current Relationships

Make a point of checking in on your friends. Send your daughter a text and make some cookies for your granddaughter! Schedule weekly appointments to talk with family so you are sure to stay connected, or even start a weekly game night or dinner.

Join Groups

Here at Park Vista–Camanche, a premier Clinton assisted living facility, we have a variety of on-site groups. Check out recreational groups that are offered in your community, such as a walking club, gardening club, water aerobics, or maybe even a book club. There are also all kinds of online groups for seniors, from animal lovers to automobile fans and coin collectors. Whether online or in-person, you are sure to find something to stay socially active.

Explore Your Hobbies

Do you like music or art? Gardening or pets? Think about what brings you the most joy and focus on that. Find things that bring you happiness and connect with others who love the same things.

Give back

Volunteer your time. Our Clinton senior living community knows that volunteer efforts can reduce loneliness through helpfulness. Giving back can do wonders for your health. Studies link volunteering to better moods and keeping people connected to others. Search for these opportunities through

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you are feeling lonely, tell someone. Communicate with your friends and family; tell any staff member at Park Vista in Clinton, IA that you need help finding people to talk to and hang out with. They can help you brainstorm ways to feel included and more connected with your neighbors. They can suggest certain classes and outings, and maybe they know of another resident just like you who needs some friends. Our staff can also refer you to someone to talk to, like a therapist, to give you pointers.  

Assisted Living Facility in Clinton

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