Why an Assisted Living Facility in DeForest Might Be a Great Option for You or a Family Member

The idea of assisted living can feel overwhelming and be a difficult decision. Knowing when the right time and what options are out there for you or a loved one can seem like a task that requires many decisions. However, it can also be an incredible new adventure with new things to experience.

First, let’s define what an assisted living community in DeForest is; this will help you create a plan to move forward. An assisted living community is a place where your loved one can enjoy the comforts of home with the amenities and safety components that many people need.

Let’s look at a few of the many benefits an assisted living community in DeForest can provide for you or your loved one.

Increased Safety

It’s no surprise that as people age, the risk of accidents increases. However, if your loved one lives at a DeForest, WI senior retirement community, the staff can help prevent injuries. Seniors are more susceptible to falls as they age and become weaker. However, with professionals on site to constantly check on your loved one, they can help keep your loved one safe.

There is also a risk of getting lost, risky driving, and the potential for other accidents when a senior is living alone. As your loved one transitions through many phases, you can rest assured that safety will be considered at an assisted living facility, and alternatives can be offered to keep them safe.

Increased Opportunity for Fun and Connection

As people age, they often find themselves unable to leave home, and loneliness can set in as their visitors become less and less over time. When you choose a senior retirement community in DeForest for your loved one, you can get excited about all the opportunities in store for them. There are scheduled activities that are fun and new. This can include but is certainly not limited to:

  • Exercise classes
  • Painting classes
  • Book Clubs
  • Dancing
  • Movie Nights

These are great opportunities to keep their mind and body strong as well as keep and maintain connections.

Daily Care

Families often worry about their loved one maintaining a healthy lifestyle when they are living on their own, especially as your loved one ages. Family members want to make sure their loved one is eating, taking their medication, and caring for their hygiene. These are basic things that most people do, but as people age, it becomes more challenging to maintain.

At an assisted living facility in DeForest, you can sleep better at night knowing your loved one is getting three healthy meals a day, their regular medication, and detailed care from a professional staff.

The Legacy of DeForest

At The Legacy of DeForest, a top senior living community in DeForest, our residents can enjoy the comforts of home along with a full range of amenities. Our retirement campus is beautiful and provides all the necessary care options so that our residents and their loved ones feel comfortable.

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