Friendships are Encouraged at an Appleton Senior Living Community

Golden friendships are the kind of friends you make in your golden years, the years when you think you can have nothing new again. Golden friends may not have the same traits in common with you that you needed when you were younger. Instead, some are widowed, childless, or suffering from loneliness.

Research shows that friendships and social gatherings improve quality of life. At Willow Lane, a senior living community in Appleton, we are here to save the day. Whether you have a day out shopping or just dining at a local restaurant, Willow Lane will help you develop many friendships.

As people age, they spend long periods alone. That’s where a senior retirement community in Appleton can play an important role. Not only do you receive the support you need physically, but you have a new chance to meet friends each day.

Many people find themselves right at home at an Appleton senior living community. After an initial adjustment period, many residents make friends along the way, which really helps with sense of purpose and adds a little more fun to their lives.

Friends in Hallway

Appleton Senior Living Community: Tips on Making Golden Friendships

Relocating to a Appleton Assisted Living Facility can be a huge transition. People are dealing with new surroundings, schedules, and people they do not know. Even though things are a little scary at first, it is so important to get involved in activities because our senior living community in Appleton is the best place to start making connections with your newest neighbors.

Remember, every resident has felt exactly like you are feeling – everyone has had a first day, a first week, and a first month. If you struggle with making these golden friendships, our Appleton senior retirement community has a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

  • Attend events for new residents
  • Find people who have hobbies and interests like yours
  • Get to know who is in charge of activities and make requests
  • Don’t eat alone, one of the best parts of a retirement community is enjoying meals with new friends
  • Spend time in common areas, go to the library, outdoor areas, mingle in the commons
  • Don’t be shy, introduce yourself and say hello, there are many people anxious to meet you

Research tells us being socially connected is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself as you get older. It may be a little scary at first but with the help of a Appleton senior living community you are sure to be on your way to making friendships in the golden years.

At Willow Lane Assisted Living, a leading Appleton senior living community, our staff is dedicated to ensuring you or your loved one receives the best possible care. We recognize the importance of security and safety for our residents and their families. Our facility and programs are designed around keeping everyone happy, healthy, and safe.  

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