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Waupaca Memory Care Professionals Discuss the Stigma Associated with Dementia

Waupaca memory care Professionals Discuss the Stigma Associated with Dementia–At Park Vista, a leader for memory care in Waupaca, we know how sensitive the subject of dementia is; even physicians don’t like to talk about it. Talking about it makes it more accurate and makes everyone uncomfortable. We get it. Upwards of 55% of Alzheimer’s patients say their doctors have never actually said they have the disorder.

The reality is that doctors do not want to make the diagnosis because there is no equivocal diagnostic certainty. There is also a considerable fear the doctor will cause emotional distress, and the truth is that nothing can be done anyway. However, at our Waupaca memory care facility, we know that it is largely because there is a stigma around living with dementia.

The reason for not telling the patient is doing everyone an immense disservice. The outlook of people with an early diagnosis is much better, and it helps with planning for memory care in Waupaca. A person knowing this diagnosis can prepare directives and initiatives. If someone knows about their diagnosis, they can make choices for their care.

Waupaca Memory Care

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If you have noticed dementia in your loved ones, set up a dementia assessment. Some signs of dementia, according to WebMD, include:

  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Finding it hard to carry out familiar daily tasks, such as getting confused over the correct change when shopping
  • Struggling to follow a conversation or find the right word
  • Being confused about time and place
  • Mood changes

If the disease is found to be present, ask the doctor to conference with your loved one about their condition. This is the time to look for a specific type of physician called a geriatrician. According to WebMD, geriatricians are primary care doctors with additional training in treating older adults, especially those 65 and older. People in that age range often have multiple or complex health matters and need specialized care. Geriatric doctors have the training and experience needed to address these issues.

Geriatricians can be primary care doctors, a consultant, or work as part of a team of doctors and caretakers for older adults. While a geriatrician is nice to have, also ask for a neurological consult to make sure of the type of dementia your loved one has. This will be very important to the treatment plan at any Waupaca memory care facility.

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As time goes on, you might need more help with day-to-day activities. There are lots of options at Park Vista. We offer assisted living in Waupaca which allows you to stay physically and mentally active with our on-site amenities, intentional programming, and round-the-clock care provided with compassion and grace.

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