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A Clinton Assisted Living Facility Recommends Fall Flu Shots

A Clinton Assisted Living Facility Recommends Fall Flu Shots—Covid-19 taught us a lot about the vulnerability of our seniors that live at a Clinton assisted living facility. At Park Vista, we invest in the wellness of our residents, and we want everyone to be as healthy as possible. As part of our commitment to our residents now more than ever, we recommend those seasonal flu shots.

Instead of just responding to illnesses or conditions, the employees at our Clinton assisted living facility to want to offer proactive care for your loved ones.

Here are the top three reasons an assisted living community in Clinton recommends getting a flu shot this fall:

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#1 You can avoid serious complications associated with the flu, especially in older adults.

Older adults can die from the flu or have serious complications. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people 65 and older account for more than 60 percent of seasonal flu-related hospitalizations and between 70 and 90 percent of seasonal flu-related deaths. If you are 65 years or older, which is the better part of the residents at our Clinton assisted living facility, then you’re at a higher risk of developing serious flu complications.

In addition to this shot, we recommend seniors also receive vaccinations for:

  • Shingles
  • Pneumonia
  • Covid-19
  • Tdap Booster

These are the easiest vaccinations to receive at any community clinic and could prevent you from suffering unnecessary sickness.

#2 Flu shots really are effective for seniors at our Clinton assisted living facility

Our immune systems weaken over time so residents at a Clinton senior retirement community can avoid hospitalization with this simple shot. It can reduce your symptoms if you do get the flu, and most of all help your chances of avoiding it all together. There are many options for the shot nowadays. Look to get the high dose with the largest amount of antigen in it.

Family members often have questions about “high dose” vaccines for seniors. They are worried because they think the vaccine has a higher dose of the virus in it, which could be dangerous for older adults with weaker immune systems. This is a myth.

“High dose” really means the vaccine has four times the amount of antigen—the part of the vaccine that encourages antibody formation within the body—which aids the body’s immune system to respond better to the vaccine being administered. According to the CDC.

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#3 Keep everyone healthy

If you get the flu vaccine you can’t pass the flu onto your vulnerable loved one at our Clinton assisted living facility. You want your family to stay healthy so why not? The flu season runs from the end of October to March. Work with us at our Clinton senior living community for preventative care that helps you stay your healthiest.

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