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3 Common Dementia Symptoms That Experts Look For Regarding Memory Care in Waupaca

3 Common Dementia Symptoms That Experts Look For Regarding Memory Care in Waupaca—As dementia progresses, many things are complicated for loved ones to access. There are always stories of dementia patients suddenly not remembering who someone is. At Park Vista, a premier facility for memory care in Waupaca, we know the story all too well, and we can empathize with the struggle. It is also not uncommon for the usually sweet mom or dad to suddenly get angry or begin wandering the street at night.

However, these behavioral changes are signs you might need to check into a Waupaca memory care facility. These actions make perfect sense to someone suffering from the disease. Understanding their thought process can help you to support them better.

 Here are a few early symptoms you might need to look into a Waupaca memory care facility for your loved one:

 #1 Wandering

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 60 percent of people with dementia will leave home and become lost at some point. Up to half will suffer severe injury or death if they aren’t found in 24 hours.

Wandering can happen for several reasons. Facilities that specialize in memory care in Waupaca see this often. The person with dementia believes they need to go somewhere. The loved one may have pent-up energy due to lack of exercise that day, or they are just not sleeping well that night.

 Sometimes they experience boredom like anyone else, and they wander. Making sure your loved one has exercised, is in a secure room, limiting naps, and keeping up interests will keep them from wandering.

#2 Patients Undergoing Memory Care in Waupaca May Have Hygiene Issues

Another symptom of dementia is when patients can no longer tell the difference between a chair and a toilet—often soiling themselves and their surroundings. They have lost the meaning of all things and no longer associate cleanliness with anything. The brain no longer remembers “no touch” lessons. Therefore, dementia patients are not caught playing with excrement or touching things they should not. This is called agnosia.

#3 Making Profane Comments at a Facility Focused on Memory Care in Waupaca

Dementia affects the brain’s frontal lobe, and patients suffering from this no longer have a filter. They no longer have any inhibitions and often tell people off, regularly telling them precisely what they think. This often leads to inappropriate language. However, they are simply trying to tell someone about an unmet need.

 Trying to determine if it is time to look into a Waupaca memory care facility will come at a time when these symptoms are no longer manageable at home. These are behavioral expressions and mean nothing as far as your caregiving. It may seem like the dementia patient is upset. However, they simply try to communicate the only way they know how.

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