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Seniors Getting Tattooed: An Assisted Living Facility in Moline Gives Guidance

Seniors Getting Tattooed: An Assisted Living Facility in Moline Gives Guidance — You can still do it. Even if you live at an assisted living facility in Moline. Your mom told you that you could not, but you always wanted to. You might think your skin is too thin. Well, there are a few factors to keep in mind, but if you want a tattoo at 80 years old you can do it! If it has always been a dream, if it is on your bucket list, guess what? Here is what to consider before going under the needle.

Our Assisted Living Facility in Moline Talks About Skin

So, there is a difference between 20-year-old skin and your skin now. The dermis layer or the top layer is thinner so there is that. Also, you are slower to heal. These two things can complicate the process. That does not mean that you cannot do it. It just means that there are a few difficulties to contend with.

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Our Moline Assisted Living Facility Suggests Choosing a Simple Design

Choose something very simple with very little detail. One major component of the success of a tattoo on mature skin is the design chosen. “Size and level of detail will have to be more carefully thought through,” offers Dan Hunter, founder of AuthorityTattoo, the first online resource for high-quality, dermatologist-vetted tattoo information. Mature skin is more prone to bruising so you want something with very little line work.

Assisted Living Facility in Moline

The Location of the Tattoo Matters

At our assisted living facility in Moline, we want to help all their residents check items off their bucket lists. Remember when choosing the location for a tattoo in later years you are looking for a location that is fattiest and avoid the areas with the thinnest skin. Examples of these places include the outer arm and calf.

Check your Medications and Avoid Caffeine

Tattooing is creating a wound. So, you will bleed a little bit. Make sure you are not on blood thinners that would cause bruising. Common blood thinners include medications such as daily aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen, according to the American Association of Family Physicians (AAFP). However, medications are not the only blood thinners to be aware of.

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Keep the area Tattooed Higher than Your Heart

To reduce blood flow to an area, elevate the area higher than your heart. If you tattooed your arm, lie down and put your arm above your head.

Getting tattooed as a senior may be uncommon but your bucket list item is not out of the question. Keep these tips in mind if you want to realize your dreams! Happy tattooing!

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