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Waupaca Assisted Living: Fall Technology Prevention Methods

The COVID-19 crisis put a lot of things in perspective when it came to assisted living in Waupaca. It was harder to do a lot of things for our seniors and not expose them to the virus that had deadly consequences for them. With all its faults, the year caused a giant leap forward in technology. We went from regular conferences to virtual ones. Virtual health even.

Some staff at our Waupaca independent living facility discovered some new innovations, which included some new very senior-friendly devices. These devices range from automated home gardens to smart vitamin bottles. There is even brand-new technology offered for the number one leading hospitalization among older adults; falling.

As a leader in assisted living in Waupaca, our team at Park Vista has chosen three top tech picks to keep seniors safe:

  1. Radar Love – This is used to monitor a room and the people in it. According to the company Xandar Kardian, it can even detect certain things about their health. The wall devices can pick up the breathing patterns and heart rates of the individuals in the room. It does not rely on cameras or listening devices, so it might be a more discreet way to monitor falls or other health emergencies at a Waupaca independent living facility.
  2. All Buttoned Up – This is a tiny sticker that can do such big things. The company BioInelliSense can put these little buttons on clothing, and they can monitor your senior’s health remotely! Sounds kinda like James Bond. You can use this even for patients living at home. The button can even be attached to the patient’s chest to help monitor the body position, activity level, and sleep status for up to 30 days before a replacement is needed.
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  1. A Balancing Act – Zibrio Inc has created a smart scale that is about more than just telling you your weight. It records patterns of the user’s balance and stability! The system’s algorithms give the user a balance score and a fall probability score according to the company. These scores are tracked over time and help determine fall risks. Not only that, but the company claims that it can monitor users for signs of potential congestive heart failure as well.

These technologies may not prevent a fall, but they certainly are a tremendous advancement for seniors when a fall could mean a life-altering event. If you are wondering what safety precautions we take at Park Vista, a Waupaca independent living facility, please book a free tour. We will sit down to discuss all the protocols for fall prevention.

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