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9 Hobbies for Seniors in Waupaca Assisted Living

Some say that you should relax and slowdown in life! No way. Our staff at our independent living facility in Waupaca says it’s best to stay active! You are living your best life. Your calendar is wide open, and it is time to try some new hobbies. Here are some great activities to consider.


The staff at our Waupaca assisted living facility encourages exercising, and group fitness classes. These are great ways to meet people and get involved. Try an aqua aerobics class, pickleball, tennis, running, or just walk around the block with a friend. Try being an instructor; the sky is the limit!


Our independent living facility in Waupaca encourages exercising your brain. Join a book club and gather with your peers to discuss books with friends. You can also read books that have become films and watch the film adaptions together.


See if your Waupaca assisted living community loves to cook. If so, why not start a club to do it? You could try different themes from month to month, different countries, soup themes, and holiday themes. You could even work on a community cookbook. The options are endless.

Independent Living Facility in Waupaca


The Waupaca senior living community believes in lifelong learners. Colleges offer tons of classes for seniors; from philosophy to psychology, you can take classes in things that interest you, and you don’t have to worry about grades. They have lovely classes for teaching technology. Learning can still be a joy.

Creating Art

Painting, drawing, pottery, express yourself, because why not? You can take all kinds of classes to find your inner artist. You can take classes with a group of peers at the independent living facility in Waupaca and then apply your skills to make your family holiday gifts.

Playing Games

Whether you want a fun afternoon with friends or have a big gathering, games are a fun activity for all. Try board games, puzzles, or even social games on your phone. You can play old-time games like charades or bridge.


Find yourself in the garden. Plant some yummy vegetables or flowers to enjoy and keep your porch and patio pretty this summer. If you want to plant seedlings in several pots, you have wonderful gifts to share with your loved ones.

Those are just a few ideas to get you active after retirement at Park Vista’s Waupaca retirement community, but there are many hobbies to keep seniors active. Like everything in life, hobbies need to be shaped to what interests your loved one the most, so when you visit our facilities, make sure you ask questions to see what fits best for you!

Independent Living Facility in Waupaca

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