Assisted Living Community in Clinton

Popular Ways to Volunteer at an Assisted Living Community

If you enjoy donating your time and effort to different events and charitable causes, then volunteering at a local assisted living community in Clinton could be the perfect fit. There are numerous ways to use your talents to benefit many senior residents.

As a leading Clinton senior living community, our team at Park Vista–Camanche encourages you to find ways to visit local seniors and make a positive impact on their lives. Here are some of the best ways to do so.

Offer to Help with Activities

Most senior living communities will host different activities that you can assist with. The facility might host a weekly bingo game and need help calling numbers, passing out bingo cards, and gathering them afterward. A Clinton assisted living community might also benefit from having someone assist with arts and crafts time once or twice a week. You could help residents with their projects, hand out supplies, and help clean up when they are finished.

Check with local assisted care and retirement facilities to see where they need help. Then find an activity that you love and would be able to help the residents enjoy as well.

Assisted Living Community in Clinton

Offer to Sing or Play Music

If you have musical talents, check with a local assisted living community in Clinton to see if they would enjoy having a regular musical guest. People of all ages love music, so this is a great way to share your gift with others. Seniors often enjoy classical music from their younger days––but be sure to ask if they have any special requests. You might just know a few songs that both you and your audience enjoy.

One thing to remember is that some seniors have very sensitive hearing, so you won’t want to play or sing overly powerful music. If you are playing an instrument or decide to sing, you likely won’t need any other major equipment like speakers or a microphone. Be sure to check with the Clinton assisted living facility in advance to see what equipment they recommend.

Spend Time Reading to the Residents

Numerous senior living centers have volunteers that will read to the residents. This can be done in a group setting or a one-on-one basis. Many senior residents love hearing stories and enjoy the company of another person while they listen. Reading is a great way to build a bond with a resident or multiple residents at a Clinton senior living community.

It’s always good to spend time visiting with the resident(s) after your reading session is complete. Together, you can discuss the story but also talk about other things going on in your lives.

Assisted Living Community in Clinton

Volunteering is a great way to help a Clinton senior retirement community. It is important to reach out to seniors and let them know that you care and want to share your time with them.

At Park Vista–Camanche, we provide a great living experience for all seniors centered around kindness and compassion. If you or a loved one are considering senior living, contact us online today or by calling (563) 447-7447. We look forward to hearing from you soon.