Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

A Typical Day for a Resident at an Assisted Living Facility

If you or a loved one are considering moving to an assisted living facility in DeForest, you may want to know what a typical day looks like. Although things can change slightly from day to day, it is common for a DeForest assisted living facility to stick to a general routine. This helps everyone (staff and residents) get used to a specific schedule and creates a more organized living environment.

This article will outline a typical day at an assisted living community in DeForest. Please note, not all senior living communities are the same, so this schedule can vary depending on the facility.

Morning Routine & Breakfast

It is common for most residents to wake up on their own or by a staff member around 6 AM. This may seem early, but it allows the staff some time to help those who need help getting ready. Since breakfast will be upcoming within the next hour or two, staff members will work efficiently to ensure all residents are prepared to gather together for their meal.

Typically, most residents at an assisted living facility in DeForest will eat together at breakfast time. Staff will be on hand to assist anyone with special eating needs.

After Breakfast & Lunch

Once breakfast concludes, some residents return to their rooms for grooming, showering, and other hygiene needs. Others may choose to participate in some type of mid-morning activity. This might include a walk outside the DeForest assisted living facility (weather permitting) or something else to keep residents active.

Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

If the activity is not something physical, it will be something that is mentally stimulating. Common examples are music, puzzles, working on crafts, or listening to a story. After the activity is complete, residents may have time to return to their rooms before lunch is served around noon.

Mid-Day & Dinner

Once lunch concludes, this is typically when a DeForest assisted living community will bring in medical professionals to provide treatment. This could be for regular check-ups, physical therapy, or other various reasons.

For those who don’t need medical attention, there is usually another physically or mentally stimulating activity offered. Once medical care and afternoon activities are complete, residents will return to their rooms and prepare for dinner.

Dinner & Preparing for Bedtime

Dinnertime is typically around 5 PM, which seems early to many people. However, this gives residents and staff ample time to get situated and relaxed before bedtime. It is common for bedtime to take place at an assisted living community in DeForest around 8 PM, but that can vary. Check with each specific facility to find out their regular schedule.

Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

If you or a loved one are considering senior housing in DeForest, this might be what a typical day looks like at your facility. Each resident may require special consideration that was not mentioned in this article, so please be aware that this is a broad overview of a typical day for many assisted living residents.

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