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What to do When Your Parent Refuses to Consider Assisted Living, Part 2

If you read part one about this topic, you discovered some of the most effective ways to discuss assisted living with a parent. Although moving to a Moline assisted living facility is never an easy topic to discuss with your parent––it is often necessary.

At Park Vista–North Hill, we want you and your parent to have a healthy dialogue when it comes to this important subject. In part two, we will discuss three more helpful tips when discussing a move for your parent to an assisted living community in Moline

Make Your Feelings Known

If you already have a strong relationship with your mother or father, then you can let them know your true feelings without feeling any guilt. The best relationships between parents and their children are built on honesty, so if you feel they need help from a Moline senior retirement community, you should let them know.

When you present your feelings, let your parent know how their current situation is impacting you. As much as you want them to remain independent; let them know that constantly checking on them and assisting with their household duties is becoming difficult. Let them know that it’s affecting your relationship with your own children, and you feel incomplete as a parent.

Moline Assisted Living Facility

Ask Others to Reach Out to Your Parent

If a random person told your parent that they might need to move to an assisted living facility in Moline, it probably wouldn’t make much of an impact. However, if a close friend or a loved one talked to them about it, it would carry a lot more weight. The person who delivers the message can make a significant impact on your parent’s thought process.

If your parent has a group of friends that they associate with, or a group from church, or even a pastor, these would all be good candidates to engage in a meaningful conversation. When multiple people are all trying to get the same message across to your parent, hopefully your parent will realize that a Moline assisted living facility is a good option.

Consider Legal Support

We hope that this situation doesn’t occur––but if your parent absolutely refuses to consider assisted living, you may need to pursue legal support. Once an individual’s condition becomes so severe that they are a potential danger to others, finding outside help is critical. If you wait too long, your parent could be involved in an auto accident or another serious incident in which they harm someone else or themselves.

Elder care lawyers specialize in situations like this and can be a valuable resource. You may also check with local social workers to see if there is someone who specializes in finding care for seniors who need assisted living or memory care in Moline.

Moline Assisted Living Facility

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