Podcasts for Curious Seniors

Assisted Living Community in DeForest

War of the Worlds once fooled an entire nation that aliens were invading. Audio entertainment is making a significant comeback in the form of podcasts. At Park Vista, an assisted living community in Deforest, we want to keep our seniors up to date with the latest and most interesting podcasts for your loved ones. There are hundreds out there. From celebrity interviews to comedy shows and dramatic series you can tune into, they come in all forms. Whether you have listened before or are new to the game, here are a few recommendations of podcasts to keep you entertained.

This is Love- True Stories

Our Deforest Assisted living facility wants to encourage the good feels, so here’s a show with a little pick me up. On this carefully crafted podcast, creators take on love in a unique way. It features interviews with historians, biologists, artists, and everyday people, this well-mixed journalistic podcast examines love in unexpected places, from an Argentinian cat sanctuary to the depths of the Pacific Ocean. 

You Must Remember This – The Old Hollywood Story

Park Vista, an assisted living community in Deforest, recommends this podcast for the history buff that loves those old stories. From the Mamas and Papas food preferences to the mansion of Howard Huges, they tell you all about the mysteries of the old-time stars you once loved.

Super Soul- Religious

Residents at our Deforest assisted living facility will love this Oprah-produced Super Soul Sunday turned audio to give us some religious guidance and love for the week ahead. Chalked full of celebrity interviews, it is worth a listen.

The American Life- True Stories

Our assisted living facility in Deforest recommends this podcast to hear about different things in American culture from past to present. The podcast has been on since 1995 and explores the human experience uniquely.

The Ramsey Show- Financial

Extremely popular Dave Ramsey talks about money matters and gives financial and life advice to those listening. He is also quite entertaining and keeps his listeners laughing.

These podcasts are not only popular with the senior population but with everyone. Podcasts are often something you and your loved one can listen to if you find one you enjoy. If seniors have a hobby like needlepoint or crocheting, podcasts are often a wonderful thing to have to go on in the background. Podcasts are recommended by our Deforest assisted living facility as an activity for seniors. It takes concentration and imagination to keep up with a podcast.

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