Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

How to Reduce the Risk of a Fall as You Age

Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

As we grow older, our eyes change, our hearing worsens, we can’t remember things like we used to, and our cardiovascular system could stiffen. At Park Vista, an assisted living facility in Deforest, we know that another common effect of aging is that your bones and joints might become weaker and less flexible. 

Falls are nothing to joke about; our Deforest assisted living facility knows that this is a serious concern, particularly among seniors 65 and older. That is why we try to do our best to prevent falls. Our assisted living facility in DeForest and the CDC recommend four complementary approaches to reducing the risk of falling:

  • Exercising
  • Having regular eye exams
  • Talking to your doctor
  • Implementing safety precautions around your home 
Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

Our Deforest assisted living community would like to look at each of these more in-depth to help you keep your loved ones safe from a fall. 

  1. Exercise. Our Deforest assisted living facility recommends you exercise the best you can for as long as you can. We offer several amenities at Park Vista to keep our residents active and help keep everyone balanced. Your daily activities do not always give you a workout, so make sure you have something in your routine like water workouts, tai chi, or walking to work on balance and coordination.
  2. Eye Exams. Your eyes change as you age, and you have to have regular eye exams to stay ahead of certain diseases. Regular eye exams can help you stay ahead of diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration and make sure you have the right prescription for your needs. Having the correct prescription could help you see a tripping hazard in time to avoid it rather than taking a nasty tumble. 
  3. Talk to your doctor. Your doctor should always be your first line of defense if you struggle with balance. Your doctor will determine specific actions based on your situation, and he may refer you to a specialist. Your doctor can also determine if you should discontinue certain medications that may cause dizziness. 
  4. Remove fall risks from home. Poor lighting, rugs, toys, wet floors, and environmental hazards can lead to a possible fall. You can help make your home safer by removing trip hazards and installing grab bars in the bathrooms, improving lighting, and being aware of your furniture setup. 

Additionally, seniors should think through possible falling hazards at first glance and think about their shoes. Fall prevention is often why people choose an assisted living facility in Deforest. We can’t stop all the falls, but we can certainly ensure all the precautions are taken.

Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

At Park Vista – The Legacy of DeForest, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of provided amenities when you tour the grounds at the senior retirement community in Deforest. One thing is always a guarantee; you will experience a caring and nurturing environment that will make you feel like an essential part of our Deforest community.

All Park Vista locations are pet friendly and offer a wide range of beauty salons and barber services to ease your stress, and there is even a happy hour at almost every location! Our Park Vista locations offer many options for independent living, assisted living, memory care in Deforest, and respite care.

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