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7 ways to Get Seniors to Drink Water, Part 2

Last time we discussed this topic at Park Vista, a Clinton assisted living facility, we knew that seniors are at a greater risk of dehydration for several reasons. As we said before, the thirst sensation changes depending on the medications they are taking, and it is harder to get your loved one to drink the water they need. Our assisted living community in Clinton wants you to be kept aware of the crucial need for water during warmer months like July. So here are a few more hydration tips to keep your seniors drinking the cold beverage this summer.

5. Flavoring your Water – Water does not have to be boring. You can cut up fruits or vegetables and add them to your water for a little bit of flavor. You could also purchase a fruit infuser water bottle, which may be fun with seasonal fruits. The Clinton assisted living community recommends adding your favorite fruits to water if it entices your loved one to drink.

6. Begin and end your day with water – The National Academies of Sciences and Engineering Medicine reports women and men should consume about 91 ounces, and men should have 125 ounces of water daily from both food and beverages. This is pretty difficult to track, considering percentages differ in fruits and vegetables and don’t necessarily have to come from your bottled water.

At our assisted living community in Clinton, we recommend waking yourself up with a glass of water as soon as you get out of bed in the morning and kick start your body. That is just an extra glass you added to your intake and the perfect pre-game to a hot day in July.

7. Have easy access to water – If you keep a pitcher of fruit-infused water in your fridge and bottled water cold, you are more likely to keep hydrated. The easier your access, the more likely you are to grab a glass whenever you want. Keep a water bottle with you for long walks with residents at our Clinton assisted living community or if you have decided to do any exercise outdoors during this hot July.

After reading these helpful hydration tips for seniors, you should be ready to take on those hot summer days and nights. Grab a fun hourly goal-setting water bottle and take on the day! If you are experiencing frequent headaches or dizziness while outdoors, that may indicate dehydration, and take some time to cool down. The staff at Park Vista is well trained to spot heatstroke and exhaustion, so call us at if you begin to struggle.

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