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4 Facebook Etiquette Tips for Seniors Living at an Assisted Living Facility in Moline

4 Facebook Etiquette Tips for Seniors Living at an Assisted Living Facility in Moline—Facebook is one of those things that more and more seniors at an assisted living facility in Moline are getting used to using. Because it has become so popular, senior users need to learn a little bit of etiquette. Not that it is a bad thing at all, just a few little things to keep your senior in check when it comes to Facebooking.

Here are 4 Facebook Etiquette Tips from our Assisted Living Facility in Moline:

#1 Manage Your Privacy Settings at Our Moline Assisted Living Facility – Be sure to familiarize yourself with Facebook’s privacy settings often so you can control who can interact with you and who can see your information. Facebook allows your seniors to keep things as private or public as they like. Be sure to caution them on what they share and how.

#2 Pay attention to Context at an Assisted Living Facility in Moline – In real life, we usually adjust our behavior and only share certain things with our close family. Sometimes seniors forget and share controversial things that have been discussed behind closed doors accidentally. There is a potential for misunderstanding because there is no face-to-face interaction. So warn friends and relatives about safe topics, especially loved ones who live in an assisted living community in Moline.

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#3 Check your posts for errors – Look out for punctuation errors and spelling errors when making posts. This is not really a bad thing, but it is worth taking a second glance before posting. If you make a mistake, Facebook now allows you to edit the post or even delete it so there is that option for some of the big errors.

#4 Control who and what you follow – The greatest thing about Facebook is that you can see what you want. For seniors living at an assisted living facility in Moline, we have the wonderful opportunity to help our loved ones follow their grandkids, kids, cousins, and family friends at will. This is the most wonderful part of this techno-savvy world that we live in today.

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It allows the older generation to feel that connection and feel less lonely when there is great distance between you and them. There is no real manual for Facebook. These are just some tips we at the Moline assisted living facility pulled together to help your senior feel more comfortable using the app. Do you have more to add to our list? Feel free! The way of the web changes every day!

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