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3 Tasty Soups for Seniors at the Independent Living Facility in Waupaca This Fall

3 Tasty Soups for Seniors at the Independent Living Facility in Waupaca This FallThe leaves are starting to turn, and it is the best time of year for soup! Our independent living facility in Waupaca is here to give you a few wonderful recipes to make your tummy warm and full as we kickstart the fall season. Make a pot of soup for the week or get out your crock pot and have over a friend to share it.

Here are the best three soups to share at a Waupaca senior living community this fall. Or maybe not THE best, but they are pretty darn good, and nutritious too. We would not steer you in the direction of soups that were bad for you, would we?

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#1 Our Independent Living Facility in Waupaca Recommends Butternut Squash Soup

Made of butternut squash that is gently simmered and pureed, butternut squash soup has a satisfyingly even texture that makes it nice for seniors who are unable to chew. This robust type of winter squash is loaded with nutrients. This is a perfect source of potassium (an important nutrient for lowering blood pressure), and it also has lots of vitamin B6, niacin, thiamin, and vitamin E.

Get the recipe here.

#2 Our Waupaca Senior Living Community Recommends Fish Chowder

A yummy fish chowder is a very nourishing and substantial soup laden with potatoes, onions, and salmon or cod. This soup is a best way to make sure your senior is getting enough omega-3 fatty acids. These polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce cholesterol levels and mitigate asthma and Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Get the recipe here.

#3 Our Independent Living facility in Waupaca Recommends Potato Soup

When made with the potato skins left in the soup, potato soup can be unexpectantly healthy provided you don’t load it with cream and cheese. A serving provides more than a quarter of the dietary fiber seniors need to maintain regular digestion. Potatoes are incredibly high in vitamin C, so this soup can boost the immune system.

Get the recipe here.

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There you have it three wonderful recipes to warm up your soul this fall season at our Waupaca senior living community. There is just nothing better than a good book and curing up next to the fire on a cool night. At our independent living facility, we allow our seniors to fully in charge of their meals if they wish or have soup, we provide. Either way the soups on this fall!

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