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Tips for Talking to Aging Parents About Assisted Living

One of the most difficult conversations you might have as an adult is when you bring up assisted living to your parents. Many people will do anything possible to avoid assisted living, but sometimes it is the best option for all parties involved.

So, the important question is, “How do you get the conversation about assisted living started?” As a longtime and well-respected DeForest assisted living community, our team at The Legacy of DeForest has compiled some tips on how to engage in a healthy and constructive discussion about senior living. From there, we will give you more advice on things to discuss and things to avoid, which can help make the dialogue as pleasant as possible.

Again, this can be a very sensitive topic for many families. We know this advice may not work for all situations, but we hope it can assist in your discussions about living in an assisted living facility in DeForest.

DeForest Assisted Living Community

Consider Different Senior Living Communities in DeForest

There are various types of senior living care, so it is vital that you learn about each facility in your area. Some facilities may be retirement homes, others might focus on rehabilitation, and some may put an emphasis on memory care in DeForest. Just make sure you find a senior living facility that fits your parent’s best interest.

Talk About Senior Living Years Before it is Necessary

Although some people want to live at home their whole lives, there are others who don’t want to be a burden to their children or other family members. It is important to have discussions early so that everyone knows how to handle your parent’s future living situation. Make sure you take notes and do your best to honor your parents’ wishes. They might have a specific DeForest assisted living community in mind where they want to spend the latter portion of their life.

DeForest Assisted Living Community

Talk About Senior Living Using Positive Language

It is important to present any information about senior living with the utmost compassion. Little things that may not mean a lot to you could be big deciding factors for your loved one. Be sure to refer to assisted living as a community and not a facility. It’s also important to highlight all the amenities that a DeForest senior living community offers.

The tone you use in your discussion can have a significant impact also. Speaking in a calm, quiet tone can be far more engaging than being intense or demanding. Make it clear that this is a two-way conversation and that your parents’ input matters. They are the ones that make the final decision; you are just simply there to help and provide extra information.

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