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Fun Activities to do with a Loved One During Your Next Visit to Their Assisted Living Community

If you have a loved one that lives at an assisted living facility in Moline, it is essential that you check in on them from time to time. Our older loved ones can at times feel lonely if they feel their family members have forgotten them, so be sure to take time out of your schedule to pay them visits regularly.

You may not know what you are going to do or what you’ll say doing your visit to their Moline assisted living facility, but that’s ok. Our team at Park Vista-North Hill has compiled a list of some fun things that many visitors do when visiting their loved ones at our facility.

Look at Old Photos

Your loved one has probably made some pretty significant memories over the years, and it can be lots of fun to reminisce about them as you are looking through some photos from the past. Old pictures can bring up lots of fun memories that will bring joy to your loved one’s face. Talking about their history and everything they’ve been through can be a great form of memory care in Moline.

Assisted Living Facility in Moline

Have a Meal Together

We all enjoy a family dinner or meeting with friends for meals from time to time. This is also true for seniors who live in a Moline assisted living community. Your loved one will enjoy the bonding time they’ll have with you as you enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

You can join your loved one at the senior living community dining hall, or you can request permission to take them out for a meal at their favorite restaurant. Either way, your loved one will thoroughly appreciate your thoughtfulness and that you included them for a meal.

Bring a Therapeutic Animal if Allowed by the Moline Assisted Living Facility

Certain types of pets can be very therapeutic for many people that live at a senior retirement community in Moline. If your loved one is a big fan of animals, they would likely love the opportunity to pet a dog or a cat during your visit. This has proven to be a very beneficial activity for many seniors.

Assisted Living Facility in Moline

There is also research that shows stress levels and blood pressure can be reduced when you spend time with certain animals. This can be a great way to help a loved one who already deals with the effects of high blood pressure, anxiety, or stress. Just make sure you check the assisted living facility in Moline to make sure that pets are welcome inside the building. Otherwise, you may have to get together at a different location, so your loved one to interact with animals.

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Assisted Living Facility in Moline

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