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Spring Windowsill Gardening for Seniors

At our Waupaca independent living facility spring flowers are just about everywhere you look, and lots of our residents love gardening. Even if seniors don’t have a big yard, or like participating in community gardens, they can still be surrounded by May flowers.

Whether your loved one at a senior living community in Waupaca is just looking for a fun hobby or wants to personalize their living space, windowsill gardens are a great place to start. Whether you are just a beginner, or a gardening guru, here are a few windowsill gardening ideas to get you started.

Types of Windowsill Gardens

Senior Living Community in Waupaca
Flower Garden

Difficulty- Medium

Sunlight- Variable

When you think of a garden, do you immediately think of flowers? Maybe you have lots of colors in mind with petals and many shades of green. Lots of flowers thrive indoors, including pansies and snapdragons. At our senior living community in Waupaca, our staff loves to stop and smell the flowers so having these in your home provides a natural air freshener. Jasmine and lavender also provide fragrant smells. You can even share your herbs with your neighbors at our Waupaca independent living facility.

Senior Living Community in Waupaca
Herb Garden

Difficulty- Easy

Sunlight- 2-6 hours per day

Are you a cook? YUM! If you love to cook, and you do not love the fuss of gardening, an herb windowsill garden is for you. Oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, mint, and chives are happy in drier conditions. Meanwhile, parsley, basil, and cilantro prefer more damp soil. Go crazy! To avoid overpopulation, plant no more than four seedlings in one 24” x 6” box.

Senior Living Community in Waupaca
Succulent Garden

Difficulty- Easy

Sunlight- 2-6 hours per day

If you struggle to keep a garden alive, a succulent garden might be the answer for you. These desert natives are super easy to maintain even if you are in assisted living in Waupaca. You can keep cactus, bunny ears cactus, echeveria, and snake plants alive.

Don’t worry if your window doesn’t get a lot sunlight—you can still grow succulents. Burro’s tail, holiday cacti, and haworthia are just a few examples of succulents that can grow in shadowy settings.

Maintaining any hobby is good for senior health and senior living. Whether you love gardening or hate it, these are just a few possibilities for you to consider this spring.

Make sure to tour our Waupaca independent living community. We operate according to four core values: Dignity, Collaboration, Compassion, and Transparency. Utilizing these values allows us to take our services to new levels while maintaining a positive, empathic environment for residents and their families. Visit our facility to see if we are a good fit for you.

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