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Moline Assisted Living Facility: Counting Down Your Summer Sizzling Senior Movies, Part 1

Summer days are long and sometimes you need to fill our time with some good old-fashioned entertainment. Here are a few movies sure to be senior crowd pleasers. Of course, this is just our opinion; we’ve listed a few classics and some fun novelty cinema features. Get ready here are your summer movie recommendations from Park Vista – North Hill:

10. Secondhand Lions (2003) – Any Moline assisted living facility will likely endorse this fun film, and for all the right reasons. A shy teen is dropped off by his crazy mom to his two great uncles on a ranch. They never had children of their own, but they decided to let the boy stay, but they have no phone or television! THE HORROR! They entertain the lad with stories of days past, much like the residents at Moline senior living community. Pull up a chair and turn on this summer flick to pass the time.

9. The Bucket List (2009) – Where have you been if you have not seen this movie? Watch it again this summer and grab a friend at the assisted living community in Moline. You’ll laugh your way through two men who have nothing more in common than a terminal illness and decide they will do everything they want to do in life before they “kick the bucket.” After a few false starts, they become unlikely friends; maybe you can make a few friends yourself at Park Vista – North Hill this summer? Then ask a friend to join you for some popcorn and this fun flick. 

8. Calendar Girls (2003) – Based on a true story, 11 society English women pose in a risky way for their annual Women’s Institute calendar as a fundraiser for their annual local hospital. What follows is a light-hearted story about not taking yourself too seriously. It is filled with an institute that teaches women knitting, bread rolls, planting flowers, and playing the piano. 

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7. Gran Torino (2008) – This is the story of a rough and tough Korean War veteran. If you are a veteran living at a Moline senior living community, you’ll appreciate a story like this one. Walt Kowalski, our hero, refuses to change with the world around him and has difficulty adjusting to even his own family. When his neighbor Thao tries to steal his prized Gran Torino, Kowalski sets out to reform him. Soon, he begins trying to protect his neighbors from the local gangs. 

6. Cocoon (1985)Retirement living in Moline could not be completed this summer without the showing of this classic. A group of seniors secretly trespassed at the pool next door and find themselves restored with youthful energy and vigor. They come to find out they are swimming with alien pods. The seniors offer to return the cocoons to their home planet and are offered something fantastic in return. 

We hope you enjoy these recommendations, and you look forward to our set of summer movies to enjoy.

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