Heroes Of The Hallway Program

At Park Vista, our mission is “taking care of our loved ones with compassion and grace.” That’s what our team members focus on every day with all of our residents. It’s the dedication and hard work of our team members that we want to honor and highlight for their efforts. That’s why we’ve created our Heroes of the Hallway program.

This program recognizes these team members who go above and beyond, while demonstrating our core values. Each quarter, we are going to recognize team members that live each of these core values. We want to celebrate all that they do for not only our residents, but for each other as well as the families and friends of our residents. It’s these values that take our services to new levels while maintaining a positive, empathic environment.

How to Submit a Nomination for Heroes of the Hallway
Our program to honor and highlight our team members happens quarterly, we ask you complete this simple online nomination form below. After each quarterly submission, all nominations will be reviewed and awarded for each property location in each of the core value categories. Award winners will be revealed at the site’s all team member meeting and awarded a certificate and a special thank you gift.

Showing heartfelt concern for the well-being of others; or feeling of empathy when confronted with another’s hardship and the motivation to relieve that hardship.

The act of working together with others to produce or create something; or cooperative partnership in order to reach a common goal.

The state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect; or the sense of pride in oneself (self-respect).

The quality of being open, upfront, honest and clear in one’s expectations; or the characteristic of being genuine, accessible and having undisguised intentions.