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Clinton Senior Living Community: Helping You Find a Sense of Purpose, Part 2

In part one of this series, we discussed that sometimes as seniors age, they often feel like they no longer have a purpose. We discussed how sometimes this led to many seniors believing they no longer had a place in the world. Often an assisted living facility in Clinton is a good option to begin motivating them to find a purpose in the golden years of their journey.

We discussed how having a more substantial life purpose gives older people a chance at better mental health. Often, being in a Clinton senior living community is also an excellent motivator for physical health. At Park Vista – Camanche, we offer several ways seniors can find a sense of purpose in this life.

Finding a Sense of Purpose: Clinton Senior Retirement Community

Finding a sense of purpose could be a challenge for some older adults, but for others it could be easy. It is like anything else; it depends on how hard you work at something and if you are motivated to do it. At Park Vista – Camanche, a senior living community in Clinton, our staff encourages all residents to go their own way. Here are some of the ways individuals of all ages can find their sense of purpose.


Humans need other humans. We are naturally social, so becoming part of a Clinton senior retirement community and developing relationships with other residents can bring a sense of fulfillment and joy. It also helps avoid senior isolation, a serious problem all across the nation.


Find the thing that gives you joy. Whether that is writing, reading, exercising, crafts, or maybe even playing an instrument to pass the time. Sometimes finding the things that bring you joy can bring others joy.


Many individuals feel fulfilled through work. Many seniors retire but then go back and do different kinds of work or other part-time work as they are able. Sometimes, just being a part daily activity or job is enough to feel needed, wanted, and keep a senior healthy.

Learning New Things

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but that just isn’t true. At a Clinton assisted living facility the staff always encourages lifelong learning. Learning a new skill will keep a mind sharp and productive.


Helping other people often releases endorphin boosting contentment. Acts of service do not have to be big; they can be very small. Seniors can volunteer in many ways like at a food bank, library, school, or by helping their favorite charity.


As seniors take on the trials and challenges that come with aging, staff at Park Vista – Camanche, a senior living community in Clinton, is here to help navigate these waters. We can help your special seniors find their sense of purpose, whether it is learning a new craft or having dinner with new friends. We can assist them with the activities mentioned above when they can no longer remain independent. Park Vista wants to help make it matter every day. 

“Make It Matter”
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