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Clinton Senior Living Community: Helping You Find a Sense of Purpose, Part 1

“Why am I here? What good am I to anyone?” So many seniors struggle with depressive thoughts and lose sight of their purpose in life. Seniors sometimes feel they no longer have relevance in society, and they believe they have become a burden to their families. At Park Vista – Camanche, a top assisted living facility in Clinton, we will help your older adult feel like they have purpose again.

After seniors retire from careers, they often become less interested in life. We’ll help them restore that desire to live each day with a purpose. Seniors must believe they have something to contribute to the world. Often living in a Clinton senior retirement community with other retirees helps. Let’s explore some ideas that help seniors maintain a sense of purpose.

What is a Sense of Purpose?

A sense of purpose is satisfaction with yourself and contributing to the world around you. A sense of purpose is the idea that you still have something to give back to the world. It is a feeling that you are doing something meaningful with your life and not just passing the time. Often, making friends in a Clinton assisted living facility can give seniors a reason to participate and a drive to keep going.

Everyone is different, and purpose can vary, so the idea isn’t, “What is the purpose of life?” Instead it’s, “What is MY life’s purpose?”

Benefits of a Strong Purpose

Having a stronger life purpose in older adults makes for better mental health. An assisted living facility in Clinton has lots of activities directed at helping seniors actively find purpose in their lives in their Golden Years. An active schedule can lead to reducing monotony and motivating seniors. This leads to less depression and even improves physical health. Here is how a strong life’s purpose benefits physical health:

  • Better Brain Function: Seniors with a sense of purpose have been shown to have reduced brain tissue damage. Dead brain tissue can increase the risk for dementia or even affect motor skills.  
  • Stress is Decreased: A sense of purpose reduces stress in individuals. Stress is linked to several health concerns including high blood pressure, shortness of breath, asthma, anxiety, and more. It also helps increase confidence.
  • Better sleep: Having a sense of purpose improves your ability to catch all your Z’s. Our Clinton assisted living staff knows that sleep is the best remedy for healing an immune system, weight management, and more.
  • More physical activityStudies have shown that individuals who have a strong sense of purpose want to be a part of things. They want to be involved, that’s why a senior retirement community in Clinton has so many ways for their residents to become involved.

These health benefits demonstrate the importance of purpose as we get older, and how we spend those valuable golden years. Park Vista – Camanche wants to help you make it matter each day. Next time we will take a closer look into some things seniors can do to find a sense of purpose.

“Make It Matter”

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