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The Deforest Assisted Living Facility Encourages the Power Nap

The Deforest assisted living facility Encourages the Power Nap–Remember when you were little, and your mom tried to get you to take a nap? Remember how you used to fight her? Or do you remember raising your kids and having the fight of the century trying to put them down for an afternoon nap? Enter adulthood, and all you want is a nap, and hey, napping isn’t just for toddlers. Our Deforest assisted living facility encourages a midday nap. Research suggests it is a beautiful way to boost cognition.

A quick power nap can benefit the brain, help learning and memory formation, and regulate emotions, and the best part is that these naps give older adults renewed energy. At our assisted living facility in Deforest, we want you to know a few simple things before hitting the sack. We want to help you optimize that nap.

Park Vista, a Deforest assisted living community, is here to tell you that all naps are not equal. No, we want you to consider a few things before that afternoon shut-eye.

Deforest assisted living facilityGive in to the Nap

The body is regulated not to nap during daylight hours. We have an internal clock saying, “don’t nap,” but it is common to be sleepy in the afternoon. Studies show that you should kick the caffeine, or even getting to bed earlier won’t do to conquer that sleepiness. The most effective solution is that nap.

Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

Deforest assisted living facilityHow to Nap Effectively

The Deforest assisted living facility wants you to know that naps can help reduce sleepiness and increase brain function, but you have to do it right. You can help maximize your nap with these tips:

Keep Naps Brief: According to the Sleep Foundation, the optimum nap time is 10 to 20 minutes, although some scientists suggest that naps up to 40 minutes can be restorative. However, all the benefits are lost if you sleep too long and go into a deep sleep cycle. Do not nap longer than 90 minutes.

Deforest assisted living facilityNap Early

While a nap is great, you should try to nap before 3 p.m. daily. According to the Mayo Clinic, napping before 3 p.m. may help prevent interference with your bedtime. Of course, every sleep schedule is different, but for the most part, your want your nap to come midday between your wake and sleep time.

Keep Your Bedtime

Your nighttime sleep quality is one of the most significant factors in your power nap. Consider why you are napping? Are you not getting enough sleep at night? If you need a long afternoon nap, it might be because you have a night of inadequate nighttime sleep. Long naps are indicators of diabetes, heart disease, and depression. If you struggle with insomnia, naps are not a good idea either.

Want more tips for better sleep?

The assisted living facility in Deforest wants you to understand that sleep changes as we age, and it is normal for older adults to desire a midday nap. We want to stay refreshed and alert during our Golden Years, and if napping helps, don’t deny your loved one this little luxury. As we age, circadian rhythms change, so sleep is slightly different for older adults.

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