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An Assisted Living Facility in Clinton Discusses Unusual Therapy Animals

An Assisted Living Facility in Clinton Discusses Unusual Therapy Animals—Animals are known to increase serotonin levels and make seniors happier just by being around them. Did you know that therapy can go beyond just your regular cat or dog?

Our Clinton assisted living facility wants you to that animals boost that oxytocin which is the love hormone and give you all the fuzzy feelings. From mini horses to snakes. Yep SNAKES! There are many comfort creatures out there! Here are just a few suggestions to pique that love hormone in your senior. Whether you take them to visit them or get one for their home here are some suggestions.

Our Assisted Living Facility in Clinton Suggests Mini Horses

Small horses may seem like something out of a storybook. The tiny horse is an authentic pet. They can make wonderful therapy animals.

These horses are just small enough to bring indoors. They have mild temperaments and often calm residents and older adults. In fact, mini horses are often brought into care facilities, where they bring laughter and love to residents and hospice patients.

Assisted Living Facility in Clinton Suggests Llamas

Is it really surprising that there are therapy llamas? Many places have therapy llamas and alpacas for visiting. The animals carry fuzzy joy to senior centers and hospitals in places all over the country. Sometimes llamas get a bad rap for spitting and kicking, however, some of them just want to make new friends.

Assisted Living Facility in Clinton Suggests Goats

Do you want to play with a goat? How about a little yoga? Who wants a goat friend? Here at our Clinton assisted living facility, we say forget about the farm—therapy goats are going beyond the barnyard! Grab your yoga mats! Goats have become welcome guests in yoga classes across the country, where they love to cuddle with yogis.

The Assisted Living Facility in Clinton Suggests Rats

Most of us work to get rats out of the house, but rats are actually very intelligent creatures. They can even be tickled. The rat is known for making a chirping sound or a tittering when tickled. Who knew a rat could be tickled? Despite their reputation for being dirty, they are actually docile and full of mousey cuddles.

Assisted Living Facility in Clinton Suggests Snakes

As the old saying goes, one man’s phobia is another man’s therapy. Snakes have been gaining approval for their surprising emotional benefits. In the U.K., National Health Services has been using snakes to help patients overcome symptoms of depression in group sessions. Snakes offer unrestricted love and acceptance. In other words, to each their own.

Assisted Living Facility in Clinton

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Assisted Living Facility in Clinton
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