A Leading DeForest Assisted Living Community Gives Tech Tips for Seniors

A Leading DeForest, WI assisted living facility Gives Tech Tips for Seniors—Have you ever tried to teach your mom or grandmother, dad, or grandfather, the latest in technology? In today’s digital world, The Legacy of DeForest an assisted living facility – has many staff members helping seniors with today’s technology. Technology is constantly changing and is a relatively new concept for seniors. Sometimes you start working with one of the senior’s devices only to find out it is not even hooked up to the internet. You can’t do much if you aren’t connected to Wifi.

Maybe you have been through a similar routine? Lots of residents at our DeForest assisted living community need help with technology, so here are a few tips for teaching technology to your favorite senior.

DeForest assisted living facilityNew Concept, Old Knowledge

Tell the seniors they already know how to do certain things and liken it to something they do understand. We like to build their confidence at our assisted living facility in DeForest. Sometimes comparing a web address to a street address will help.

DeForest assisted living facilityExplain the Relevance

Make sure your senior knows why they are doing something. Please don’t teach your seniors something they are not going to use. For example, tell them they can see their grandkids if they learn Facebook. Once they know the why they might be more patient in learning something new.

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DeForest assisted living facilityWatch Your Pace

Experts at our DeForest assisted living facility recommend that you don’t go too fast. Pause between your steps and talk slowly to your senior. Make sure they can do it themselves. Even do something else like have dinner and go back to see if they remember the technological concept, you taught them.

Repeat Those Concepts

There is a lot to learn. So, tell them twice. Repeating the concept will make it easier for the senior to remember and reinforce the learning concept.

Seek “WOW” Moments

For everyday technology users, it is easy to forget how cool technology is. Make sure to wow your senior a bit. Show them Google Earth or have them FaceTime with their grandkids. The staff at our assisted living facility in DeForest certainly encourages FaceTime for the residents. The more incredible things your senior sees and does, the more apt they will be to learn a new concept.

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