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Why Spring is a Fun Season at Many Assisted Living Facilities

February in Wisconsin can undoubtedly present its fair share of challenges, and that’s especially true for residents who live at a senior living community in Waupaca. The bitter cold and heavy snow limit just how active many seniors can be. Not to mention, dangerous hazards like slick sidewalks, patios, and parking lots. However, there is one reason to be optimistic when it’s February in Wisconsin–that means spring is almost here!

When spring arrives, it releases a giant sigh of relief for many seniors who live at a Waupaca assisted living facility. Springtime opens the door to so many more options and gives residents a bit more freedom from the indoors. This article will discuss why spring is one of the most popular seasons for those who live at a Waupaca senior living community.

You Can Actually Go Outside!

When the snow melts and the cold moves away, that means it’s the ideal time to get outside again. Seniors can enjoy the fresh air, the birds singing, and the sunshine once winter has finally moved on. Although you might still need a light jacket to enjoy the outdoors, it sure beats the constant freezing cold temperatures we are experiencing now.

Many senior retirement communities in Waupaca will feature an area for their residents to gather outside, socialize, and enjoy the spring weather. After a long winter, this is what many residents have been looking forward to for several months.

Senior Living Community in Waupaca

Additional Activities

Many communities that focus on assisted living in Waupaca do an excellent job of providing activities for their residents in the winter. However, spring brings so many other options for outdoor activities. Spring is a great season to rejuvenate and get active again–that is especially true for residents of Waupaca assisted living facilities. It is quite common to see senior residents much happier and more upbeat as the seasons change, and the weather improves.

More Sunlight

Excessive darkness can make people sad, lonely, or even depressed. The good news is that once spring time rolls around, we get to experience more sunlight each day. In Waupaca, there are approximately 11.5 hours of daylight from sunrise to sunset in mid-February. Fast forward to spring, and in mid-March you’ll experience 12 hours of sunlight. As you get into mid-April the time increases to 12.5 hours of sun to enjoy.

Clearly, you can see why seniors get excited about springtime at their senior living community in Waupaca.

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