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Why It’s Important for Senior Residents to Spend Time Outdoors

As a leader for senior housing in DeForest, our staff at Park Vista–The Legacy of DeForest knows that the majority of our residents’ time is spent indoors. This is primarily for their safety and well-being. However, we also understand how critical it is for them to experience some outdoor activity as well.

Now that Spring is around the corner; it will create more opportunities for senior residents to enjoy additional time outside. This article will explain why it is so essential that any DeForest assisted living facility allows each resident to spend ample time outside when the weather allows them to do so.

Fresh Air

One of the things people enjoy most about the Spring season is that rejuvenating feeling of fresh air on a beautiful day. There’s something about being inside an assisted living facility in DeForest all Winter that makes you forget how refreshing Spring air can be. Once you get a gorgeous spring day in Wisconsin, there’s nothing quite like it.

Senior Housing in DeForest

Light Exercise

Although there are ways for residents to do some light workouts inside a senior living community in DeForest, being outdoors allows for many more options. It is easy to feel restricted indoors––being outside gives residents much more freedom to move without worrying about bumping into other things.

It is common for senior housing in DeForest or any location to feature sidewalks and comfortable outdoor spaces for their residents. These are great areas for seniors to take light walks and get in some exercise before coming back inside.

Mental Health Benefits

Being cooped up inside can be harmful physically but also mentally. It’s very beneficial for residents to get outside and help clear their minds. Things like beautiful flowers, lush trees, and green grass can do a lot to benefit someone’s mental health. Even if it’s just sitting outside and soaking in all that nature has to offer, this can prove to be a nice change of pace from watching TV or laying in bed.

Provides Vitamin D and Other Benefits

As a premier senior living community in DeForest, our staff at Park Vista knows that many seniors lack Vitamin D. A vitamin D deficiency can result in pain to the muscles and bones. However, it is estimated that spending just 15 minutes outside in the sun helps our bodies receive the daily recommended amount of Vitamin D. So it is important for senior residents to go outside each day to help relieve some of their ailments.

Senior Housing in DeForest

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