When is the right time to move into a senior living community?

When deciding whether a senior living community is right for you or a loved one, you may find yourself coming back to the question, “What is the right time to transition?” Although this is a complex question, a better question to ask yourself may be, “Will I or my loved one have a better quality of life after making the transition to senior care?”

If the answer to this question is yes, it is likely time to start taking your search more seriously. While many individuals are initially hesitant to make the move, many of them end up wishing they would have sooner! It is important to find a senior living community that makes your loved one feel valued, comfortable, and protected. Take your time during your search for the perfect fit and be sure to ask facility employees questions along the way.

Here are a few signs that indicate the transition to a senior community is near:

  • They have progressive memory loss
  • They experienced a fall
  • They are unable to perform necessary tasks like cooking, bathing, using the phone, etc.
  • They are unable to keep up with house or yard work
  • They have difficulty remembering to take medication
  • They have chronic health problems
  • They seem isolated or have a decline in their mental health
  • They have accidents

While this is not an all-encompassing list, these signs are pretty good indicators that it is time to start the process of finding a senior care facility. For more information on senior living & Park Vista’s approach, please visit our website https://www.parkvistamanagement.com/properties or call 563-503-6001 for more information.