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Waupaca Memory Care: 5 Stimulating Activities for Dementia Residents

Waupaca Memory Care: 5 Stimulating Activities for Dementia Residents

More than 50 million people worldwide live with some form of dementia. Here at Park Vista, our Waupaca memory care facility is here to help you find ways to better connect with your loved one. Whether you are on-campus or off-campus, there are lots of things you can do to encourage healthy brain activity.


Our Waupaca memory care staff encourages dementia patients to participate in some form of exercise as they are able. Whether that is yoga, an afternoon walk, or maybe a seated exercise, whatever physical activity is appropriate for your loved ones, we’ll encourage them to participate as often as needed.  

Some studies show that there is a promising link between staying active and improved cognition for those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. That is another good reason why a Waupaca memory care facility will encourage your loved one to stay physically fit.

Arts and Crafts

People living in a Waupaca memory care facility will often be encouraged to do arts and crafts. These simple tasks give patients purpose as they create. Projects like painting and beading are good for your loved one to try.

Remember that your loved one may not finish their project, and that’s okay. It is more important to engage them in the act of working on a project. Ensure you provide explicit instruction on what comes next because this encourages cognitive function.

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Go Outside

Being outside at an assisted living facility in Waupaca or anywhere with sunshine and a good view is highly stimulating. Here are some wonderful outdoor activities for anyone with dementia:

  • Visit a local park or garden
  • Gardening
  • Bird watching
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Car shows

If your loved one cannot leave home safely, you can bring nature to them by turning on a nature television show documentary.

Family Memories

Take a little time with your family member and go through old photo albums or tangible items. People with dementia often have clarity over older memories, so try to keep those as long as possible. This is a great way to connect when visiting people at a Waupaca memory care facility.

Cook Something Yummy

Find an old family recipe your loved one is famous for and cook together in the kitchen. Cooking meals together is great for bonding, and there is minimal risk for injury. You can even make simple things like ice cream sundaes and sandwiches together.

As time goes on, you might need more help with day-to-day activities. There are lots of options at Park Vista. Our assisted living facility in Waupaca allows you to stay physically and mentally active with our on-site amenities, intentional programming and round-the-clock care provided with compassion and grace.

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