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The Importance of Physical Therapy for Seniors in Assisted Living

Any independent living facility in Waupaca should know that it’s important for seniors to have regular access to physical therapy. Physical therapy is a great way to allow seniors to regain their independence and improve their health and mobility. The goal of physical therapy should be to improve and restore functionality, mobility, balance, and strength; it can also help reduce pain.

At Park Vista-Waupaca, we are proud to be a leading Waupaca independent living facility. We understand how important safety is to you and your loved one, so our assisted living facility is designed to keep our residents safe and healthy. We pride ourselves on keeping our residents happy and healthy in every way possible, including physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Helps Manage Pain

According to experts at an independent living community in Waupaca, regular physical therapy is excellent for monitoring pain. Falls and the resulting damage are the main reason seniors require physical therapy. It helps improve balance and mobility and can help work out any sore or damaged muscles from the fall.

It’s a Great Way to Keep Your Body Functioning Properly

A Waupaca independent living community suggests regular physical therapy to keep your body in its best shape. Regular exercise can help increase mobility and flexibility, which can leave you able to walk on your own for longer. It also increases flexibility and strength, which helps improve your range of motion.

Independent Living Facility in Waupaca

Physical Therapy Can Help Prevent Infections

According to leaders of the senior living community in Waupaca, attending regular physical therapy sessions can actually help improve your immune system. Without regular movement, your body becomes weak and more susceptible to severe illnesses; that’s why it’s important to stay active as you age.

When Should You Attend Physical Therapy?

Medical experts suggest attending physical therapy after your body experiences a severe trauma. This can range anywhere from a fall to a car wreck. You should also attend physical therapy sessions if you are very weak after being sick with a severe illness like pneumonia. Regular exercise can help with increased pain levels and rebuild your body’s strength and endurance.

Regular access to physical therapy is essential for anyone in an independent living facility. It promotes physical activity and can help prevent infections and improve range of motion. The goal of any physical therapy session should be to improve and restore your body’s functionality, balance, and strength. Setting a regular physical therapy schedule to get the desired results is important.

Independent Living Facility in Waupaca

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