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Summer Safe Senior Activities

Water activities are one of the favorite activities of the summer. At Park Vista, a Waupaca senior living community, we would like to share a few entertaining and safe ideas you can participate in with your senior this summer. It has to do with our favorite thing! Water! 

At Park Vista, a top Waupaca assisted living facility, there are always creative ways to keep seniors safe but get them outside in the sunshine too. Here are a few ideas you can do with seniors or things you can encourage them to do. 

Go Fishing

If you want to relax at a Waupaca independent living facility, grab a friend and head to a local lake. Fishing is the ultimate way to unwind. If you need help with transportation, ask your activities director or family what you can do to get there. There is just a certain peacefulness that comes with unwinding with a fishing pole and being around the water. 

Take a Boat Ride

As a leading Waupaca senior living community, our staff at Park Vista recommends our residents spend time on a scenic boat ride if they have the means. Or, this can be a fun outing with family and close friends. Getting out and enjoying nature offers restorative opportunities to everyone who experiences them.


Want a fantastic new hobby? At our Waupaca assisted living community, we always have a variety of different birds in and around the facility. Pull out those binoculars and take a look. Use the internet or check out a book from the library and start trying to identify birds indigenous to the area. It would be a great way to make new friends too! 

Have a Picnic 

Why not eat outside on a beautiful day? One of the best perks of assisted living in Waupaca is you can spend some time eating a meal with friends outdoors in the sunshine. It will rejuvenate you, and there is just something about being in the open air. 

Fly a Kite

What? How long has it been since you have participated in this age-old pastime? Get a colorful kite and head onto the grounds for a day of fun in the wind. It is a great way to promote mindfulness and socialization. 

Hit the Pool

Don’t forget that water makes people feel weightless and is a great physical activity for folks. It promotes flexibility in our seniors and works the whole body. 

These are just a few ways to stay active this summer with your senior at Park Vista – Waupaca. Visit your resident anytime to discuss fun ways to spend time with them outdoors this summer! 

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