Senior Living Community in Clinton

Memory Care Options: A Senior Living Community in Clinton, Iowa

Our compassionate team members at Park Vista-Camanche, an assisted living facility in Clinton work hard to focus on our residents’ overall health and well-being. Our memory care facilities are committed to person-centered care for residents with dementia. One in nine Americans age 65 and older has Alzheimer’s disease.

By 2050, there will be nearly 14 million Americans with Alzheimer’s, not to mention those who suffer from other forms of dementia. Seniors who suffer from these diseases can benefit from feeling involved and productive. That is why memory care is a top priority at an assisted living facility in Clinton.

Memory Communities Offer Therapies

Sensory stimulation for patients suffering from all forms of dementia has been shown to decrease complications from the disease. Often patients have agitation, restlessness, and suffer from sleep deprivation. These therapies often help stimulate patients and make them feel more comfortable. Our senior retirement community in Clinton aims to keep all residents healthy, happy, and comfortable with their surroundings.

Senior Living Community in Clinton

Music Therapy

Music and dementia research by the US National Library of Medicine suggests that listening to familiar music can enhance memory. Stress, agitation, and cognition levels will also improve. Music therapy can be used in many ways, for example:

  • Listening to classic records from the past
  • Urging residents to play instruments or sing (muscle memory will often remain even as verbal and mental abilities start to deteriorate)
  • Start a weekly sing-along of familiar hymns, holiday songs, or childhood favorites
  • Have residents make their own simple percussion instruments and use them such as shakers or drums to make their music

Park Vista encourages music therapy often, taking Clinton senior retirement community residents to group outings at various musicals around the area.

Video Therapy

Using videos from the past to stimulate the memory of your grandmother, grandfather, mother, or father may be the ticket to get them talking. Even if these videos are just of places you visited in the past, they can still be very helpful.

You could ignite a wonderful conversation just by turning on well-loved television shows from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. At our assisted living facility in Clinton, residents have cable television and regular entertainment available to them. Often there will be entertainers that will engage them in time-honored favorites.

Senior Living Community in Clinton

Memory Box Therapy

Often items that hold sentimental value to a senior can be therapeutic. Sometimes, you can fill a box with things containing comforting items for patients with dementia. Memory box items may include any of the following:

  • Photos from the past
  • A blanket
  • A favorite book
  • A scented candle that smells like home
  • A small stuffed animal
  • Favorite socks or mittens that hold sentiment
  • A familiar tool used in the kitchen
  • Costume jewelry belonging to a loved one

Memory boxes can be a great conversation starter when you visit your loved one at their senior living community in Clinton,. Seniors suffering from dementia often relish going through the box with visitors and discussing parts of their life.

Pet Therapy

Often taking time to play with a furry friend will make loneliness become a thing of the past. A wagging tail or a simple lap sitter can push a dementia patient in a different direction, offering up many benefits, including physical and mental health improvements. A few hours with pets daily may even improve blood pressure, encourage residents to become more active, even improve eating habits.

At Park Vista-Camanche, a premier senior retirement community in Clinton, we welcome the furriest of family members. In fact, many dogs and cats have made their home at our Clinton senior retirement community.

Senior Living Community in Clinton

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