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Advice from Experts on Memory Care in Waupaca to Reduce the Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s

Advice from Experts on memory care in Waupaca to Reduce the Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s There are positives and negatives when it comes to preventing Alzheimer’s or just slowing down the effects of the disease on our brain. Here is the negative part. Here at Park Vista, a leader in Waupaca memory care, we know that as we age, we develop a greater risk of developing the disease. We can’t stop ourselves from aging, so there is nothing we can do to prevent that. However, something does begin to happen to our lifestyle as we age.

As we age, our lifestyle becomes more sedentary, and we tend to eat unhealthily and spend lots of time watching television or our computer screens. To lower your risk of Alzheimer’s, you need a bit of a lifestyle change. Or so we thought. Here is the good news.

As a leading facility for memory care in Waupaca, we know there are definitely things you can do to help your loved one slow the effects of cognitive decline. These things include brain training and mental stimulation. We can use these methods to counteract bad diets and sedentary living.

Memory Care in WaupacaBrain Training

ACTIVE Study (Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly) that assessed the effects of three computerized brain training programs. The first author of the new study, University of South Florida associate professor Jerri Edwards, was reported in the LA Times, saying that “the ACTIVE study’s findings appear to be a milestone — ‘the first time a cognitive training intervention has been shown to protect against cognitive impairment or dementia in a large, randomized, controlled trial.’” This is a relatively new and exciting study about cognitive training that could be something we really look at in the future.

Memory Care in Waupaca

Memory Care in WaupacaMental Stimulation

Experts on memory care in Waupaca also note that if seniors maintain a stimulating lifestyle and social relationships, particularly those that involve mentoring or helping others, they can build their cognitive confidence. Additionally, a study says processed foods may be the culprit of cognitive decline. Still, if they maintained stimulating mental activities, it offsets the adverse effects of bad dieting.

At Park Vista, our Waupaca memory care experts are always looking at the latest studies to see how we can serve our residents in the best way possible.Memory Care in WaupacaMaking It Matter one day at a time.

As time goes on, you might need more help with day-to-day activities. There are lots of options at Park Vista. We offer assisted living in Waupaca, which allows you to stay physically and mentally active with our on-site amenities. We also provide intentional programming, and round-the-clock care provided with compassion and grace.

Memory Care in Waupaca

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Memory Care in Waupaca

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