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Memory Care in Waupaca and Common Alzheimer’s Myths, Part 1

As a leading Waupaca memory care facility, we treat people with Alzheimer’s Disease every day, and we realize that it is a complex disease that researchers are still trying to comprehend in its entirety. If your loved one has been diagnosed with this devasting disease or you have begun noticing symptoms, here are a few myths or misconceptions beginning our two-part series through our monthly blog.

Myth 1: Losing your memory is just a normal part of aging.

Truth: You might lose a little bit of your recall when you age, but Alzheimer’s is not part of the aging process. It is a disease that gradually destroys brain cells. It causes:

  • Confusion
  • Memory Loss
  • Changes in Thinking

People diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease suddenly have difficulty completing tasks they have done every day for years. They have trouble with problem-solving and forgetfulness that interferes with their daily lives. It is a normal part of memory loss if you forget a word and then remember it later. Having difficulty holding conversations is another example of Alzheimer’s.

Myth 2: Dementia and Alzheimer’s are the same things.

Truth: You’ll often hear the words “Alzheimer’s and dementia” used together, but these two terms mean very different things and are not necessarily interchangeable. Dementia is used in memory care in Waupaca as an umbrella term for changes in the brain and different medical conditions. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia, but there are many other forms like Lewy Body Dementia and Vascular Dementia.

Memory Care in Waupaca

Myth 3: Alzheimer’s is a disease that only affects your brain.

Truth: Alzheimer’s causes physical changes and inevitably health complications that result in death. Patients stop seeking help for common ailments; they often get pneumonia because they forget how to swallow correctly. These patients often forget to eat or how to chew, causing them patient to become lethargic. The staff at our Waupaca memory care facility knows the ins and outs of this disease and can assist with meal planning and work with Alzheimer’s patients daily.

Myth 4: Alzheimer’s only affects seniors.

Truth: Usually, the symptoms begin after the age of 65; however, early-onset Alzheimer’s can begin in one’s 40s and 50s, and it is often overlooked because it is not very common. Doctors do not know what makes this disease start in younger generations, but sometimes it is a genetic trait inherited.

Our Waupaca memory care staff knows about the myths associated with Alzheimer’s Disease, and we’ve covered just a few. Next time we will discuss whether or not Alzheimer’s Disease is fatal, whether vaccines cause Alzheimer’s, and the chances someone develops the disease. If you have had a recent diagnosis, please contact Park Vista– The Legacy at Waupaca so that we can help you through this journey.  

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