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8 Steps a Memory Care Facility in Waupaca Uses When Dealing with Dementia Behaviors

8 Steps a Memory Care Facility in Waupaca Uses When Dealing with Dementia Behaviors–As a top memory care facility in Waupaca, our staff at Park Vista knows it is very hard to see your loved one acting like someone you have never met before. Acting out of character is one of the worst things to watch. Maybe your loved one is a very gentle person and now suddenly is angry all the time. This is very difficult to watch.

Alzheimer’s and dementia behaviors can be a terrible shock that hurt, embarrass and anger you. At our memory care facility in Waupaca, we understand that this is the disease and not your loved one’s normal behavior. We are experts in this field. Therefore, when patients act out, we ask ourselves, “What are they trying to tell me?”

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At our Waupaca memory care facility, we know untreated pain, frustration and complications can spark pain and lash out. So, we have put together a list of eight ways to help you understand your loved one. Here are the eight steps:

  1. Rule out any underlying physical or biomedical reason for the behavioral expression. Visit a physician or dentist to rule out undiagnosed sickness or an unknown source of discomfort. People with dementia may no longer be able to tell you they are hurting.
  2. Think about your method – do you need to alter your method and communion with your loved one?
  3. Consider whether your loved one might be hungry, thirsty or excessively tired.
  4. Assess the immediate setting – is it noisy, too hot or cold, or uncomfortable in some other way?
Memory Care Facility in Waupaca
  • Weigh whether your loved one is bored or frustrated with daily activities that have no meaning or have become too difficult.  
  • Consider if he or she is isolated from others or depressed due to unfulfilled emotional and social needs.
  • A Waupaca memory care facility wants you to think about whether the desire for physical touch is being satisfied. Even if sexual intimacy is no longer realistic or possible with a spouse, holding hands, hugging and other affectionate touches can be pleasurable and satisfying.
  • Are you asking your loved one to perform a task within their ability level?

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The memory care facility in Waupaca wants you to know that dementia and Alzheimer patients should not be faulted for their behavioral expressions. You should not take their behavior toward you personally; they are doing the best they can. Try your best not to react negatively toward your loved one and make the situation worst.

Talk through your feelings with the people at the Waupaca memory care facility and look for dementia support groups in the areas. This journey is difficult for everyone involved.

Memory Care Facility in Waupaca

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