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Innovations and Inventions for Seniors with Memory Loss

It is such a devastating blow to a family when their loved one is diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. So many people suffer from this ailment in some form. Finding help from a Waupaca memory care facility is a great place to start. When Alzheimer’s and dementia start posing challenges to your daily life, it is critical to seek help from professionals with experience in Alzheimer’s and dementia treatment.

In the meantime, technology makes day-to-day life for people living with dementia more meaningful. At Park Vista, a leader for memory care in Waupaca, we are always looking for ways to make residents more comfortable.

Here’s some inventions that benefit seniors each day:

  • Day Clock– Those living with dementia sometimes mix up the time, seasons, months, and time of the day, like morning versus night. This clock helps seniors keep track of their daily lives with a big, easy-to-read clock with large font and tells them the day of the week, month, year, and season.
  • Jiobit- This is a clip-on device that is sort of a tracking device for seniors. This helps you keep up with your loved one. It even has a geo-fence that tells you when a senior leaves a designated area.
  • Weighted Blanket– These come in a range of colors and sizes. These are commonplace at a typical memory care facility in Waupaca. The power of gravity is used to soothe those who are suffering from memory loss. The pressure makes a person feel like they are being hugged or held, providing comfort.
Waupaca Memory Care

“Alzheimer’s is not about the past—the successes, the accolades, the accomplishments… Alzheimer’s is about the present and the struggle, the scrappy brawl, the fight to live with a disease. It’s being in the present, the relationships, the experiences, which is the core of life, the courage to live in the soul.”

  • Electric Pill Despenser- A pill dispenser that comes with an alarm? Our memory care professionals would be happy to help set up a device like this. It comes with LED technology and a five-minute alarm that repeats every 25 minutes until you take your medication. It is ideal for those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.
  • Memory Picture Phone- Instead of a smartphone, this picture phone is designed for patients with memory loss. The picture phone will help Waupaca memory care residents reach their loved one very easily because it shows pictures of their loved ones rather than numbers.
  • TV Remote for Seniors- This provides simple solutions for seniors while watching TV. Can’t find your favorite channels? Can’t remember which one it was on? This remote takes it back to the basics. It has simple volume control, and the ability to program 5 channels. The staff at our assisted living community in Waupaca is ready to help you use the latest technology to help your loved every day.
Waupaca Memory Care

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