Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

How to Find the Best Care Possible for Your Aging Family Member

If you have a family member struggling to take care of themselves, you may not know what to do for them. The first step in helping them is to evaluate their living situation and abilities. Consider the following list of questions to help you better understand their situation:

  • Are they able to keep up with household chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry, changing bed linens, or washing dishes?
  • Has their personal hygiene declined? Are they still able to bathe themselves well, fix their hair, brush their teeth, and put their clothes on by themselves?
  • Do they struggle to pick something up if it falls on the floor?
  • Do they have trouble remembering to take their medications or pay their bills?
  • Is it difficult for them to communicate by phone or other devices?
  • Are you worried about them driving, going to the grocery store, or running errands alone?
  • Would they struggle to communicate critical information about themselves and where they live in case of an emergency?

If your loved one is struggling with multiple items on this list, consider looking into a senior retirement community in DeForest. You may be surprised at the array of options available for care.

Option #1 – Senior Living Community in DeForest

Senior living communities in DeForest allow your loved one to live in their own private apartment and be in control of their schedule. They can also enjoy home-cooked meals prepared for them and not have to worry about scrubbing dishes afterward. There are also laundry and maid services, staff available around the clock, and transportation services.

If your loved one is in relatively good health, this may be their best option as it primarily serves to relieve them of the demands of cooking, cleaning, and housework. It also assures that someone is around to check on them and helps keep them active and free to enjoy the company of others who live in the community.

Option #2 – Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

An assisted living facility in DeForest is similar to a senior living community and allows for independent living. However, it also includes extra care and supervision for those who need it. This care may include help with medication, regular wellness evaluations, and skilled nursing available 24 hours a day. If your loved one is struggling with health issues but doesn’t need constant supervision, a DeForest assisted living facility may be their best option.

Option #3 – Memory Care in DeForest

DeForest memory care facilities offer the highest level of care of the options discussed here. If your loved one is struggling with short-term memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease, it is essential that they have someone nearby twenty-four hours a day. Few families can offer this kind of care at home, especially if it is complicated by other health problems such as a lack of mobility.

If you think your loved one may benefit from one of the care options mentioned above, or if you need additional assistance evaluating your situation, contact The Legacy of DeForest today. We can also help answer your questions regarding insurance, veteran benefits, and financial assistance.

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Assisted Living Facility in DeForest

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