Assisted Living Facility in Clinton

How a Memory Care Facility Differs from an Assisted Living Facility in Clinton

At some point in your life or in the life of a loved one, there comes a time to begin thinking about senior living options. When doing so, it is very important to know the difference between a memory care facility and an assisted living facility in Clinton.

As a leading senior retirement community in Clinton, Park Vista-Camanche has identified some of the main differences between memory care and assisted living. We hope you find this information useful as you begin researching different senior living options.

Specialized Environment

At a memory care facility, the environment is specifically designed to fit the needs and concerns of someone dealing with a condition that involves memory or judgment impairment. An assisted living community in Clinton may not offer this specialized type of treatment.

When researching different facilities, make sure you prioritize what is most important to you for the care of your loved one. If memory care is needed, this level of treatment is more intensive than what is offered at an independent senior living community in Clinton. Memory care facilities will offer more safety features and take stronger precautions to help ensure the safety of all their residents, especially those struggling with memory disorders.

Assisted Living Facility in Clinton

Specialized Activities

There are specific activities offered at memory care facilities that can help access different parts of the brain. This activation can be through music or maybe a specific TV show. There are different things that trigger the memory of someone dealing with a mental impairment, and memory care facilities will work closely to find the best activities that create positive responses.

A typical assisted living facility in Clinton may focus their resident activities on something more entertaining and not necessarily something designed to engage particular parts of the brain. Many residents at assisted living facilities are mentally strong but may be declining physically. A knowledgeable assisted living facility will take this into consideration and find activities that are fun for all residents.

Assisted Living Facility in Clinton


As you would expect, a typical senior retirement community in Clinton will offer three meals a day to their residents. Most meals are in a social setting where residents can bond with each other and the staff.

At a memory care facility, each resident’s individual needs are considered with their meals. Someone suffering from a mental impairment may benefit most from independently eating and not being around others. Some residents may need to stay on a strict diet where their calorie consumption needs to come from specific foods to give them the best possible health. So, there is much more consideration given to each individual resident at a memory care facility compared to a Clinton senior living community.  

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Assisted Living Facility in Clinton

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