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Common Visitor Policies for Assisted Living Facilities During the COVID-19 Era

Ever since the coronavirus was first detected in the US almost two years ago, many different organizations have had to adjust their policies and procedures. This is especially true for Waupaca assisted living communities. For an extended period, many Waupaca senior living communities were not allowed to have visitors due to the risks it posed for their residents.

This was a very challenging time for anyone whose parent, grandparent, or loved one lived at a senior living community in Waupaca. Many families used creative ways to see their beloved relatives. Some sat next to the window just to get a glimpse of their family member. Others took to skype, zoom, and other ways to conduct video chats. And some people just made sure to call more often and make sure their family member was doing okay during such a trying time.

Today, it is likely that your family member’s senior retirement community in Waupaca is now open for visitors. However, there may be some restrictions due to the threat of COVID-19, particularly the omicron variant. Here are just a few of the policies that many assisted living communities have put in place to ensure the safety of their residents and staff.

Please note that these policies may have changed due to the ever-evolving threat of Covid-19. Please contact your Waupaca assisted living community to find out their specific visitor policy.

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Some Assisted Living Facilities Require Proof of Vaccination

Although policies can change depending on the facility, some assisted living communities require guests to present a COVID-19 vaccination card. Your card should show your initial dose, second dose, and a booster dose (if it is available to you). You should also have a photo ID present so that the vaccination card can be validated.

If you are a regular visitor, you may not have to present these items each time. However, it is recommended that you bring these just in case.

When You Should NOT Visit a Senior Living Community in Waupaca

As much as you and your loved one enjoy each other’s company, there are times when it is beneficial to both of you to hold off on your visits. If you have recently tested positive for COVID-19, you should wait until your self-isolation or quarantine period has lapsed before you visit. It would be wise to take a COVID test after your quarantine period to ensure the virus is no longer present.

Also, if you are showing symptoms of other illnesses like the flu, cold, or even a stomach bug, it would be best if you postponed your visit. This is the best way to prevent sicknesses from developing within the facility and keep everyone safe.

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Preparations for Your Visit

Before you enter a facility for assisted living in Waupaca, make sure your hands are washed and properly sanitized. Also, be sure to check with the facility on their mask policy. Many senior living communities require masks to be worn, especially in communal areas. These are just a few ways to best protect yourself and your loved one from COVID-19.

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