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An Assisted Living Community in Clinton Talks Suicide Prevention and the Elderly, Part 1

During the Covid-19 pandemic, suicide was a very real and uprising concern everywhere, and our Clinton assisted living facility was not immune to the dangers affecting the elderly population. Suicide rates were on the rise everywhere. However, many people do not know that the elderly already have the second-largest suicide rate nationwide.

At our assisted living community in Clinton, we are well aware of all the factors that contribute to suicide in the elderly, including but not limited to several key factors. Some of these factors include the following:

  1. Financial and housing pressures
  2. Life crisis
  3. Chronic health conditions
  4. Relationship issues
  5. A dramatic increase in substance abuse among the elderly

As a leading Clinton assisted living facility, there are a number of warning signs would like to explore with you. Prevention is possible with your loved ones and it is crucial you stay in tune with them and pay close attention to their behavior. This includes any dramatic mood swings or noticeable changes in demeanor.

Early Warning Signs for Elderly Suicide

  • Loss of interest in things or activities that are usually found enjoyable.
  • They are cutting back on social interaction, self-care, and grooming, the effects of social isolation.
  • Feeling hopeless and/or worthless.
  • Putting affairs in order, giving things away, or making changes in wills.
  • A preoccupation with death or a lack of concern about personal safety.
  • Remarks such as “This is the last time that you’ll see me” or “I won’t be needing any more appointments” should raise concern.
  • The most significant indicator is an expression of suicidal intent.

As a highly respected assisted living community in Clinton we are very aware of all of these things and we actively check on all of the residents in our care. At Park Vista retirement living, we are proactive when we address these concerns. We want to address the underlying reasons for the sense of hopelessness. Sometimes older adults have an overwhelming sense of loneliness that drives them toward suicidal thoughts as well.

In our next part of this series, we will address the mitigation strategies we use for identifying the warning signs for suicide prevention and what to do if someone you love is in trouble. Suppose you would like to learn more about the warning signs and visit the National Institute on Aging and read about depression and older adults.

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