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A Few Important Items to Pack When Moving into a Senior Living Community in Clinton

If you and a loved one have recently made the decision to move into a senior living community in Clinton, no doubt you have a long list of things to do before the big move. After you have done all your research and have found the perfect facility for your loved one, it’s time to think about making sure they have all the things they need in their new home.

As a long-respected Clinton senior living community, Park Vista-Camanche has compiled a list of some of the most important things to bring with your loved one on moving day. Although each of our residents’ needs and personal preferences are different, we have found over the years that these are some of the most common items that residents enjoy having in their rooms.

Sentimental Items

Although these might not be essential items to get through each day, sentimental items are always important to have when living in an assisted living community in Clinton. Many residents have pictures of family members, especially their children and grandchildren. This is a great way for the residents to feel like their family is near, even if they may not be physically present.

Senior Living Community in Clinton

Some residents enjoy having artwork or personal heirlooms on display, especially if it is something crafted by a loved one. These types of items may lack monetary value but are absolutely priceless to a loved one.

Any Type of Music Player

People of all ages and personalities love music, whether it’s country, classical, or the oldies. Check with your loved one to find out their preferred way of listening to music. Many seniors are unfamiliar with the popular music streaming services used today, so maybe they prefer listening to music in another form. They may have a CD player, record player, or just a basic radio.

When packing your loved one’s belongings, make sure you include their favorite records, tapes, or CDs so they can listen to their favorite music. Moving into a new senior living community in Clinton can be a difficult change. That’s why it’s important to make sure your loved one has music they enjoy to help make their new surroundings feel like home.

Senior Living Community in Clinton

Consider Their Favorite Hobbies

When you move a loved one into a Clinton senior living community, it is important that they have one or multiple hobbies to enjoy each day. For some people, it might be doing puzzles or crosswords. Others may enjoy sewing or making crafts. No matter what your loved one’s favorite hobbies are, make sure you pack some activities for them to look forward to.

If your loved one enjoys reading the daily newspaper or a weekly magazine, make sure the subscription is transferred to their new assisted living facility in Clinton. This way your loved one can stay current on the news in their community, across the country, and around the world.

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Senior Living Community in Clinton

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