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A Clinton Assisted Living Facility Discusses Tomatoes

A Clinton Assisted Living Facility Discusses TomatoesHere at Park Vista, an assisted living facility in Clinton, we want to discuss tomatoes. It turns out that this beautiful fruit may have been hiding a secret. Tomatoes help fight osteoporosis and other diseases. Here at our Clinton assisted living facility, we like to encourage our seniors to work in the community garden. Whether it is shared with family, neighbors or residents at the assisted living facility in Clinton, one of the fruits they harvest – tomatoes – could hold valuable nutrients.

It turns out that tomatoes hold an antioxidant called lycopene. According to nutrition experts at our assisted living facility in Clinton, tomatoes have lycopene in spades. It turns out that adding this fun fruit to your diet can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease. If you are gardening at the same time, you are also doing a bit of light exercising, which we all know has plenty of health benefits.

Assisted Living Facility in Clinton

Even if you do not have access to freshly grown tomatoes, that is okay. It turns out that drinking tomato juice is just as good for you, according to the assisted living facility in Clinton; we try to make this juice an option at least once a week during meals. Drinking tomato juice, just 13 ounces a day, which is just a little more than one of those little V8 cans, can lower your low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. This is often referred to as bad cholesterol when you visit the doctor’s office.

Most experts agree that at least three servings of tomatoes per week will benefit your senior’s health. Here at the Clinton assisted living facility, we do our best to have tomato juice at a meal or two each week. Are they feeling stumped on how to include this in their diet each week? Want to know how to help your seniors put a few tomatoes into their lunches and dinners?

Try adding these red fruits to your salads and even a vegetarian sub with feta cheese and tomato basil. Not only are these healthy fruits a cholesterol-fighting option, but they are also a cheap and easy option for seniors to make. If you want to know the dietary option available to the seniors at the Clinton assisted living facility, contact Park Vista-Comanche today to see our menu choices.

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