Assisted Living in Waupaca

5 Ways to Ease the Transition to Waupaca Assisted Living

The transition to an independent living community in Waupaca can be filled with emotions. What are some ways to make you feel better about this transition? Well, being proactive about your new home will certainly help. Getting involved in the community life is a great way to get started at your facility for assisted living in Waupaca. Making friends right away can certainly lessen the blow of moving into a new place. After all, just because your loved one needs a little help now and then doesn’t mean they can’t thrive and have an excellent quality of life.

As your loved one settles into their Waupaca assisted living facility, try these things to help them ease into the life in a senior living community.

  1. Create a Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere – To help ease the transition, work hard to make their apartment feel and function like a private home. Bring in window treatments and furniture that remind them of home. Assisted living in Waupaca can still feature conversation pieces like knick-knacks that they love. Is your loved one a Veteran? You can always frame and feature their medals.
  2. Keep a Secure Setting a Priority – Make sure that when you tour the Waupaca assisted living community, you ask about security. Make sure your loved one is safe and locked up tight. Is there a front entrance? What do the keys look like? Are there visiting hours? If your loved one is in memory care, are the rules different? Make sure to sort out everything before choosing a community.
  3. Preference for Person-Centered Care – We are all unique. At Park Vista–Waupaca, we make sure there isn’t a one-size-fits-all mentality. We gear our care according to your loved one’s needs. No matter where you go, make sure that is part of their protocol.
Assisted Living in Waupaca
  1. Encourage ParticipationAssisted living in Waupaca often involves lots of activities. These can make residents feel like they belong to a community and are not just left alone. Building up a sense of purpose is very important in senior citizens’ lives. There should be a schedule and a daily structure of planned activities wherever you choose to place your loved one. Or, if you are looking for yourself, make sure the facility offers the kinds of activities you are most interested in.
  2. Consider Services and Staff – Your loved one deserves the best experience during their golden years. Ask how chores and laundry are done. What does housekeeping look like for your loved one? Makes sure you ask about things like medication and meals and feel comfortable about how all that is organized.
Assisted Living in Waupaca

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